The First African Mayor of Detroit

I am committing to midwife African- centered, Black political power, Black cultural power and Black economic power in Detroit.

At D-Town Farm, Giving the Keynote Address at the Annual Harvest Festival, 2018
Photo by Desmond Love

My Platforms


+Water Keys.
+GAS and Electricity Keys. +House Keys.

+80% land, housing and commercial assets owned by black detroit, and the city in trust.
+City funded universal basic salary.


+ dismantle the corrupt structure called the DetroitLandBankAuthority and establish a city wide land Trust that facilitates land ownership for black detroit
+Facilitate black owned marijuana and hemp farming, processing and retail.
+Produce 80 % culturally relevant , nutrient dense organic food/meat in Detroit.


+Detroit city funded Afro-Indigenous, Afro-futuristic, crafts, agriculture, construction and IT schools (all ages, intergenerational classes)
+City gifts of Return tickets for trips to Africa
+Produce and consume 80% Detroit based, black, afro-indigenous, owned and controlled cultural and material product.( fashion and beauty products, healthcare supplies, Music, Media, restaurants,)

About Me

Waddup doe,
Salaam Aleikum,

I am Atieno, and I am running to be the first African Woman Mayor of Detroit ( 2021).

I am a dETroIT Afrikan woman, a griot, an urban farmer turned chef, and politician. I am a mother of 4 African American children, a wife of a soul brother, Zo! from the Eastside, and a granddaughter- inlaw of Lula Stallworth from Monroe County, Alabama.

I was part of the inaugural Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA) cohort with my award winning, internationally syndicated short film, Sidelots. I am currently part of the editorial staff at Riverwise Magazine, and otherwise spend my time exploring , photographing and curating African Music and Cultural adornments.

I’m an alumni of the Detroit Food Policy Council board, and a founding member of the 1500 strong Detroit Urban Farmers Network. Prior to my time in Detroit, I was a student leader, President at the African Students Union of Michigan State University, Secretary of the inaugural African Leadership Academy student govt, and School Captain/ Headgirl of the 800 student-strong Alliance Girls High School in Kenya.

For your persuasion, i have also demonstrated both commitment to and competency in foundational Public Policy education and work, by completing a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree program in Political Philosophy and Constitutional Democracy, 3.5 GPA, at the James Madison College of Michigan State University ( 2010-2014). Further, I recently attended and completed a comprehensive 4 week electoral campaign training for grassroots activists organized by Abraham Aiyash ( Movement Politics Academy 2019)
Kindly consider my Facebook, Instagram pages and as preliminary references.

I am running for mayor of Detroit 2021 and recently launched my campaign. I’d be interested in speaking with you about it sometime, and would like to invite you to consider me as a serious and revolutionary candidate willing to do all the ground work to make a strong run, and hopefully win.

Feel free to make your contribution to my campaign by reaching out to me personally and by clicking the link below:

legggo!let’s go to the future.let’s make the 80% Black Detroit, our Black Mecca


Mayor of Detroit, 2021


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